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Exhibition丨See you in Auto China Beijing[ 2018-04-23 ]
2018 Auto China, Beijing We are coming! Our booth no.  1A226     The subject of Nanfang bearing is New platform, New megatrends in this exhibition Nanfang Bearing will show the advanced products to audiences all over the world. Any sugg
Automotive event of VOLVO Motor[ 2018-03-16 ]
In 2017, Volvo has sold 570,000 vehicles all over the world. Shen Jian, general manager of auto parts unit visited Volvo China along with Jiang Yongwei and Andersen Wei on March 15.   To discover the aesthetics of Scandinavia.     Pro...
Exhibition丨Let's dating at Auto Expo, 2018[ 2018-02-05 ]
  Auto Expo at Pragadi Maidan, New Delhi, 2018 Nanfang Bearing will present full and fine products to the exhibition. At this exhibition, we will bring a lot of good presents and surprises for you.   Let's dating at Auto Expo, New Delhi,2018...
Happy teacher's day[ 2017-09-10 ]
Happy teacher's day
HIRNG | The most important thing in life is to choose who you with![ 2017-07-04 ]
BD Manager major duty: 1、To meet the business development needs of various departments, and seek business development opportunities in line with the company's strategic direction 2、Focus on business growth, the rational use of the company's customer develop
NanFang bearing will participate in M-tech[ 2017-06-21 ]
 M-tect will be held on June, 21-23, at the Tokyo Big Sight,Nanfang bearings will be shown and we are looking forward to seeing you. M-Tech is Japan's largest manufacturing professional trade show. It has been 20 years old. Nanfang Bearing was estab...
OAP catalog[ 2017-06-07 ]
 OAP catalog download
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From all of Nanfang Bearing colleagues[ 2016-12-20 ]
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From all of Nanfang Bearing colleagues
Development of bearing industry in China[ 2013-01-24 ]
In recent years, the domestic bearing industry the rapid expansion of production scale, ranking fourth in the world, bearing nearly 2000 enterprises, of which more than 5000000 yuan sales revenue of enterprises in more than 900, the number of one of the world 's first. But the bearing industry in China still has such as the low level of manufacturing technology, industry concentration is not high, the standard is still far from bearing power.
China will become the world's largest production base of bearing[ 2013-01-24 ]
In 2008, the international financial crisis, countries in response to the financial crisis, to increase infrastructure investment, the proactive fiscal policy to promote economic development.
Correct use method of spindle bearing[ 2013-01-24 ]
First, in the bearing assembly hole size, shape, precision is not good situation, the bearings will be affected, can not play the best performance. For example, if the mating parts bearing seat hole size and shape accuracy will cause a bad bearing outer ring deformation, resulting in the inner hole of the bearing to deteriorate;
Investigation and analysis of the status and development of bearing industry market in China[ 2013-01-24 ]
In 117 enterprises, China Bearing Industry Association statistics ( 104 participation in summary ), the first half of this year, a total of 63 bearings enterprise profit compared to the same period last year, the total number of enterprises accounted for six, there are 3 enterprises profit flat with last year, only 38 companies total profits growth.
Company to carry out the " listing Corporation actively return investors " theme of the campaign[ 2013-01-24 ]
Company to carry out the " listing Corporation actively return investors " theme of the campaign.The improvement of listing Corporation profit-sharing system to improve the market value of long-term investment.
Our company in Shanghai to participate in the China International bearing Exhibition[ 2013-01-24 ]
In September 21, 2010, my company in Shanghai to participate in the 2010 China International bearing special equipment exhibition.
Guangzhou Wuyang Honda supplier quality engineer to visit our company audit[ 2013-01-24 ]
In November 19, 2010, Guangzhou Wuyang Honda supplier management engineer Zhu Jiang Huailai to visit my company audit, mainly QAV-1 quality assurance monitoring, the 92 item, the audit results satisfied. Wuyang - Honda Motor ( Guangzhou) Company Limited is a Guangzhou Motors Group Co, Japan Honda Motor Company and Honda Motor ( China ) Investment Co Ltd of the Sino-Japanese joint venture, one of the enterprises is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturing.
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